Angela Hewitt Solo Piano Performance at SJSU

Angela Hewitt performed “Partita No. 56” and “English Suite no. 6” by J.S. Bach, and “Sonata in D Major, Opus 10, no. 3” and “Sonata quasi una fantasia in C-sharp minor, Opus 27, no. 2” by Beethoven on piano at the San Jose State University Music Center tonite.

She played a Faziolo piano, her favorite brand. Piedmont Piano Company of Oakland company arranged the equipment loan for this performance.

Angela sounded great – her technical mastery is profound and surreally perfect. I sat about the sixth row center and got to watch her play up close.

The audience members I talked to appreciated her virtuoso but flowing style – her signature. She started at 8 pm, which was a little late for the audience to attentively focus.

We’re both from the Toronto area – she was one of my favorite pianists after she won the Bach competition in 1985 – so it was great to see her still performing. I can remember how electrifying her first J. S. Bach CD was back then (on DG.)

She’s 50 now but still looks 30! Pianist Angela Hewitt in San Jose is outrageously excellent adventure
Youtube: BC Global TV: Angela Hewitt on a FAZIOLI at Showcase Pianos
wikipedia: Angela Hewitt

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