My Exercise Personal Bests

These are my historical exercise personal bests.

1984 (18 and 165 pounds)

Last year of high school, living in a rural area, not much to do but run, minimal coaching.

400m <60 seconds 1500m 4:29 (capable of decreasing 20 seconds per year) 10k road race 34:30 run 5 miles a day along lake front situps 2x300 pushups 2x55 1988 (22 and 170 pounds)

Working at home as a computer programmer in highly urbanized downtown Toronto.

dumbbell isolation bicep curl 10×80 pounds each arm
standing barbell press 10×180 pounds
track running

1996 (30 and 185 pounds)

Living on the road as a consultant in Asia.

stairs (19 floors)
road running in 100 F/100% humidity weather
light weightlifting and pushups

August, 2004 (38 and >200 pounds)

Working as computer programmer in suburban San Jose area. Moved here for great running weather, but too many distractions I guess.

dumbbell isolation bicep curl 10×62 pounds each arm
barbell bench press 6×245 pounds (I always use a spotter and collars above 225 pounds)
Smith machine bench press 6×300 pounds
tricep extension machine 10×260 pounds
wrist curl 10×50 pounds each wrist
30 pushups
kenpo karate

I was fortunate to avoid injuries up to 2004. We’ll see if I can recover from my current ones (mostly from a minor bike accident at night in Sept. 2004) and post some new numbers. For now I am trying to maintain flexibility.

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