James Briggs

Hi, I'm James Briggs, 40ish, and live in San Jose, California, USA.

I am a computer programmer working in Silicon Valley on large internationalized Internet sites (Yahoo!, Netscape, eBay, etc.) Usually I code in Perl, PHP, AJAX and C/C++ on Unix (Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris). I am also an asst. karate instructor, commercially-rated airplane pilot, and enjoy weightlifting, cycling and studying languages (Indonesian, French and Japanese). See my blog for more.

I'm always interested in good employment opportunities. I would prefer full-time in the Bay Area, but will do part-time Perl/C programming contracts at $85/hour W2. (A link to my resume in Word format is at the bottom of this page.) I am a Perl database programmer, not a computer scientist. Please don't ask me to develop graph theory algorithms.

I am a member of several software user groups in Silicon Valley, including being the co-founder and past organizer of the Silicon Valley Perl Mongers, and a member of SVLUG and IMUG.

I enjoy visiting other countries and learning new cultures. Some of the places I have worked in or visited include: USA, Canada, Tijuana, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Western Thailand, Tokyo, Osaka, New Zealand.

Commercial Software Projects
Netscape, eBay Payments, Xilinx, Yahoo
FlowExpress Marketing Project Request Tracker
ActionMessage Email Marketing

Public Software Contributions
Perl CPAN author id JBRIGGS
Perl, Unicode and i18n FAQ
Open Directory (DMOZ) i18n consulting for Netscape
Perl Wrappers for ICU (PICU) (co-author with Brian Stell - Perl/C++/XS/ICU)
OpenWebmail (i18n, testing, Japanese and Indonesian translations)
Request Tracker (Japanese Translation for RT2, Indonesian Translation for RT3)
Acker Todo (Security Audit, Testing and Indonesian Translation)
SugarCRM (Indonesian Translation)
Horde (Indonesian Translation)
Nagios plugin check_swap.pl
MySQL Replication Monitors MySQL3 lag log MySQL4 lag log MRTG
winecalc (calc for Wine in Win32 C)
Perl Suggest in AJAX
myslow.cgi (parse, analyze, display, sort the MySQL slow query log) Screenshot

My Lectures
Perl, Unicode and i18n, Unicode Conference 16, Amsterdam. 2000.
Perl and ICU, Unicode Conference 18, Hong Kong. 2001.
Perl and ICU, O'Reilly OSCON, Monterey, California. 2001.
ActionMessage and i18n, IMUG, Apple, Cupertino. 2004.

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